Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's Go Public, Shall We?

It's November 15, 2016 and I am finally sharing the blog that I have been praying about and planning for for more than a year now.

So, welcome to this little corner of the internet!

For those of you who do not know me in real life, I am not an apologist, theologian, or strong evangelist (though I am working on it); I am simply a Cradle Catholic, wife, and mother who felt a strong calling one day to start this blog.

After months of pushing it aside (which was easy to do since I'm not only a mom, but a writer who works from home), the calling became stronger and stronger -- to the point where the story of Mary and Martha kept popping into my head at the most random of times.

Okay God; I'm listening! But what exactly am I supposed to do with this? And who will I really be helping?

To answer that question, I really have no idea... but I appreciate you joining me on this journey as I figure it out!

As you may notice, I started writing recipe posts back in February (around the same time I bought the domain name and shopped for pretty templates) and didn't do much with it again until now because -- well, I got pregnant with our second son and ended up sleeping whenever I should have been up and working. However, even when I wasn't working on getting the site together, I was thinking about it.

A lot.

As you may also notice, my menu bar is currently small, but will grow with time. (In addition to recipes, I plan to write about Catholic reflections, book reviews, simple decor, entertaining tips, and so much more.) My ultimate goal for Living Like Martha is to create a place for Catholic moms, daughters, sisters, and friends to come together to share about their faith, favorite podcasts, new recipes, wine recommendations, etc.

Stick around, friends! In the meantime, I would love to hear any suggestions or general feedback you may have -- let me know in the comments, on FB, text, or whichever means you prefer.

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