Monday, December 5, 2016

Gabriel's Newborn Pictures

We just received our son's newborn pictures on Friday and I cannot stop looking at them... there is nothing quite like a cuddly little baby (with rolls for days) to make you appreciate the beauty of life!

Something that I have worked hard on doing this year is intentionally thanking God for everyday moments. Too often, we get too caught up in the world around us to really stop and think about all the good in our lives, which -- I have found -- can easily be changed by just remaining still, taking deep breaths, and saying a quick prayer of thanks whenever we feel grateful for something.

Since Gabe's arrival, I have been finding myself doing this all the more during those fleeting moments that I wish could last forever (cuddling with both boys in the rocker, the sweet scent of Gabe, seeing how protective Jackson already is of his little brother) and I can't help but do it every time I look at these beautiful pictures:

Photos by the fabulous Brandy Caruso 

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